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OATC Recommended Practices

Home-Based Authentication User Experience Guidelines for TV Everywhere Recommended Practice - Download.
Home-based authentication (HBA) is a TV Everywhere feature aimed at reducing sign-in friction by removing the need for users to manually enter credentials while they are in their homes. This document from the OATC Usability Working Group, a subcommittee consisting of both content providers and distributors, outlines the guidelines for creating the best HBA user experience on programmers' and distributors' Web and mobile TVE properties.

Usability Recommendations For TV Everywhere Recommended Practice - Download.
The purpose of this document is to outline the OATC-endorsed Usability Recommendations for the TV Everywhere authentication experience. This document represents an initial set of recommendations based on Usability Testing that was conducted by the OATC in April 2014. This set of OATC TVE Usability Guidelines are aligned with CTAM's TVE Usability Recommendations and extend them in some areas.

OATC Metadata Feed - Download.
The OATC Metadata Feed Recommended Practice document serves as a recommendation for content providers ("Providers") and content distributors ("Distributors") who have a need to exchange data to describe their content and detail how it can be used and further distributed. Adherence to these practices allows implementation of a single data package and could eliminate the need to code provider-specific (or distributor-specific) interfaces. This, in turn, simplifies the content exchange and helps to ensure that metadata is of a consistent quality and delivered in a timely manner.
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OATC Social Login for MVPDs - Download
The Social Login for MVPDs Recommendation Practice provides baseline recommendations on how MVPDs can leverage Social Networks such a Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo to improve the TV Everywhere user experience.

Error Messaging for TV Everywhere Authentication and Authorization Recommended Practice - Download
The OATC Error Messaging for TV Everywhere Authentication and Authorization Recommended Practice document serves to define baseline error messaging for TV Everywhere authentication and authorization with the end goal of presenting clear and consistent error messaging to users with the larger objective to improving overall user experience. The initial draft of this document focuses solely on identifying the error conditions and error messaging displayed to users when they try to access content on TV Programmer websites in a web browser.

Authentication Conversion Funnel for Content Programmer’s Apps and Sites Recommended Practice - Download
The OATC Authentication Conversion Funnel for Content Programmer’s Apps and Sites Recommended Practice document serves to define a set of metrics and funnel steps for the authentication process as it pertains to a Content Programmer’s TV-Everywhere sites and apps. Subsequent goals include adding representative data to each of the steps to better understand where the biggest problems are and to create a set of reference implementation guidelines. The current document focuses on the Authentication funnel for users who actually have to login on the MVPD page – so the username and password based authentication (first time or not). This means ignoring second screen authentication use cases (e.g. Xbox360) and Social ID use cases. Authorization is also not handled in this version of the document. These additional cases will be covered in a future version of the document.

Defining TVE Home-Based Authentication (HBA) Use Cases and Requirements Recommended Practice - Download
The OATC Home-based Authentication (HBA) Recommended Practice document examines the various use cases involved in HBA implementations. The document enumerates the trivial to complex scenarios facing distributors, while stopping short of specific solution details. The goal of the document is to aid distributors in clearly identifying their situation and providing recommendations on multiple paths forward. The document considers the complications added to basic HBA by features such as sub-accounts and parental controls, and offers varied approaches based on the respective capabilities of content providers and distributors. With HBA’s potential to remove impediments to user access of TV Everywhere content, this document strives to evangelize the concept and aid the development process.


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