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OATC and CableLabs Collaborate to Update Authentication Specification

The CableLabs Online Content Access Specification (OLCA) is currently used, in some form, by most TVE integrations - providing "technical requirements and architecture for the delivery of video to a Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) Customer from different online sources."

An update to OLCA was released on June 20th, 2016. The new version (1.1) was drafted in OATC in collaboration with CableLabs. It contains changes that provide the ability to:

  • Identify users as belonging to a household or subscriber grouping - needed for home based authentication, concurrency monitoring/fraud management
  • Identify parents and children for the purposes of parental control and/or account management
  • Enable PIN entry functions to temporarily elevate a user's privilege on Content Provider's sites and apps
  • Enable Content Providers to request attributes necessary to enabling specific scenarios (e.g., In Home/Out of Home, Device Type, future requirements)
  • Pre-screen authentication to determine a user's authorization status (passive AuthZ)
  • Enable MVPDs to handle an authorization at the same time as authentication - improving user experience

In addition, emphasis a clarification was added regarding how to use Passive/Forced Authentication to facilitate frictionless authentication and improve user assurance.

The updated specification can be downloaded here:

Submitted On: 6/27/2016

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